Monday, November 15, 2010

Jay-z launches book, and fans must Decode

 Rap Mogul Jay-z will launch his very first book on Nov.16. It narrates his famous lyrics and his life as a multi platinum rapper. Titled "Decode" and featuring Andrew Wharhol's "Rorschach" on the cover, this book will make fans SEARCH for pages of the book in a scavenger-hunt way. These clues were giving on the rapper's twitter, Facebook and 
One of the pages is found in the interior of a Gucci jacket located at the 5th Ave flagship store in NY. Other pages are found at pool of the Delano hotel in Miami, underneath plates at Spotted Pig in NYC, and Basketball court etc. The clues are powered by Bing and and the map IS PRETTY F'N NEAT! The jacket will be given to Hova himself once the book is released

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