Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blame it on technology

I cannot live without my iphone. I know, I know, it may sound shallow, that my day would be a mess without this little electronic device; but it's definitely true. I need depend on this phone to perform certain tasks on the go, and of course for entertainment. Blog, email, 2 cameras, maps, Ibooks, Itunes, Youtube, planner, voice memos, Ipod, FREE messaging, phone (duh),games, fast internet, FACETIME, and endless apps for everything I might need. 
I've had an iphone since the very first day they were release, and I've seen their evolution, and I got the iphone 4 upon its release because it feature major improvements. When I left my Iphone at home once and had to use my boyfriends B.B for the day, I hated it. All the little complicated buttons and menus drove me crazy!
LOL I do not mean to brainwash/bash you other smartphone users; however, I would really like to know why you chose those instead of the iphone; mind that I'm only questioning phone with the same price range. 

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