Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daily Exposé

New Macbook air (11.6" & 13")and Mac Os X "Lion" for summer '11
Hellllo skinny!

Derek Lam Jumps on difusion line bandwagon.
Hurray for us economic chicks!

Check out Mr.Kate's jewelry! 
These lovely pieces will sure accent your style

Take a breather...Doomsday 2012 may be postponed :D
The Mayan calendar may not even end in 2012 read about it on Livescience

Google uploads Dead Sea scrolls for future scholars!

Vatican blesses Homer Simpson
"'The Simpsons' remain among the few programs for children in which the Christian faith,
 religion and the question of God are recurring themes," ...
"The family recites prayers together before meals and, in its own way, believes in heaven."


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