Friday, October 1, 2010

Cheap vs. tacky

I've always had and obsession for shoes, and no discriminations of brands or prices.  This actually works to my advantage, since Im no rich girl. If the shoe fits (and I like it) I will get it, regardless if the are "cheap" because of the brand. Style is not about how pricey things are, but about how you bring things together in a harmonious fashion regardless of the price tag (and this applies to everything, not just shoes).
BUT of course I have desires, like any other girl to have this ridiculously gorgeous, costly shoes that usually go for more than a week's worth of work (a month in many cases). Sometimes temptation takes over... and we MUST make that purchase. The smart thing to do is choose  wisely and go for timeless designs.  I support nice, cheap shoes; however, I do not support buying fakes and knock-offs because THAT seems tacky. 

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